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Hey ! It's me Syaza. Here is all about my memories with Arwah Amirul. Since we were inlove, then we break then next he's gone forever. My sincere thanks to those who became my follower and keep on reading my post. Im back here again :( I miss you so much Mirul !

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

happy six month anniversary

i love you sayang.no matter what happen.and it will last forever ;(

6 month more to gooo

hahaha. lagi 6 bulann, genap setahun. rase rase, kali neyh boleh bertahan setahun takk ?
dlm hatiku berkata,

"tolong laa biar kali neyh yang terakhir. dan kekal lama. sungguh penat mencari cinte. sudaa penatt towk kecewe lagi"

whoaaa. hahhahaa :D seriously, memang dah pnt cpl, break, cpl, break -.-
tapi bagaimanakah untuk ktew mengekalkan rumah tangga yang harmoni ? wahhhh. rumah tangga. wooot ! :o hahaha

tapi sayangg, orang yang sudah berkahwin berpuluh tahun, beranak pinak pon boleh bercerai, inikan pulak kekasih yang baru hanya 2 bulan 1 minggu bermadu kasih. bolehkah ktew bertahann ?
mhmm. tak pasti. tapi hati mengharapkan kebahagiaan :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

tanpa title.

PS: wahai sayang, sedarkah engkau bahawa aku selalu memikirkan perjalanan hubungan kita ? sejauh mana akan kita bawa hubungan ini ? aku mohon, aku merayu, tunjukkan lah jalan kebahagiaan. bukan derita yang aku minta. dan, maafkan aku untuk segala kesilapan yang telah dan akan ku lakukan ="")

Sunday, May 17, 2009

false thought

i thought i can meet you today,
i thought you want to meet me today,
i though i can see you smile again,
i thought i will never cry today,
but it alll false.

i miss when we were back then, hee. IMY ;(

Monday, May 11, 2009

never let it go ;(

:)i would never let go of something that precious that ever happen to me. will you ? mhmm.

well, i'm sorry fo i've said in my early post. yeahh, i did it based on my angry heart. as i said, i'm an adult who act like a child. and a child will never think before do something, rightt ? well, i'm sorry. of course, when we are grow up, we can think carefully and wisely. we should, rightt ?
and from now on, i will act properly. i will think wisely. i will do something carefully and i will do the right things. but hey, didn't people make mistakes ? yeahh, A LOT OF MISTAKES. well, nobody perfect rightt ? and i'm one of that people.
i guess, life is like a wheel. if we have problems, thats what we call the ups and downs of life. am i right ? i hope so. heee :) well, guide me to do the right things. cuz i don't really tell people when i have problems. in blog, yeah i did. but i didnt actly tell people face to face. i mean, i can't say a word in front of people about my problems.

mhmm. do i have still have chances ? idk. but i hope so that i do have chances to fix all my mistakes.**bobot, i'm sorry if i change and it make you change too. i know, its not your fault. in fact, its mine. and i'm sorry bcuz of it, both of us are suffering without we realizing it. i am so sorry.

i love youu.

Friday, May 8, 2009

the most precious things in my life,

this is the precious-things-that-i-own list :)

1)HIM-AMIRUL RAZAILI *im not sure if i still own him or not ;
(2)my family-mama,abah,mya,elmo,baby ekey
3)all my closest friends-u know who u are
4)my handphone-exchange it with APEX
5)baby bobot *again and again just him ;
(7)all the memories that built by me and him ;
(8)watch that gave by mama and him

*i dont know why i wrote this entry,

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

for HIM

ilysm sayang. akutataw bape byk kali kite gado, break up, couple again.sumpaaaku da ta heran da. tapi even relation kite 'K.O'aku tapenaa try sayang orang laen selaen kaw. jgn tinggal kan aku lagi taw gyler. aku penatlaa maen maen dgn kaw cmni.btw, kami bersepak terajang back. yah i miss this part.


sudaa laa. aku da penat da brade kurt sini. well. i'm leaving. rumaa aku family tgh gado. den dgn c apex tuh lagi prob ta settle. bye korng. aku jaranf na online da. aku penat laarr dgn life aku cmni !

Monday, May 4, 2009

sucks !

im broken heart again !
status for now : menJANDA again ;(

thinking of you

comparasons are easily done,
once you've had a taste of perfection,
like an apple handing from a tree i pick the ripest on i still got the seed,
you said move on where do i go,
i guess second best is all i will know,
cause when im with him i am thinking of you,
what you would do if,
you were the one who was spending the night,
oh i wish that i was looking into your eye,
you're like an indian summer in the middle of winter,
like a hard candy with a surprise center,
how do i get better once ive had the best,
you said there's tons of fish in the waters,
so the waters i will test,
he kissed my lips i taste your mouth,
he pulled me in,
i was discussed with myself,
the best and oh i do regret,
how could i let myself let you go,
and now,
now the lessons learned,
i touched and i was burned,
oh i think you should know,
wont you walk through and,
bust down the door and take me away no more mistakes,
cause in your eyes i'd like to stay,

Sunday, May 3, 2009

status : menJANDA

menJANDA gain and again yaw! happy with my status. nomore you in my life syng. haha ! clash clash clash ! like i care. already fade up with your stupid words.