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Hey ! It's me Syaza. Here is all about my memories with Arwah Amirul. Since we were inlove, then we break then next he's gone forever. My sincere thanks to those who became my follower and keep on reading my post. Im back here again :( I miss you so much Mirul !

Friday, July 1, 2011

Everything I need is you.

I miss you. I miss how you cared for me. I miss how you always make my day. I miss how you used to cheer me up. And I miss how you make me feel that you love me. I miss everything that used to be. Now that you're no longer here, I always hope you miss me just the same way like I do. 

Too many things happen this past few weeks. Im in trouble. He left me. Saya baru nak rasa bahagia. Bila dgn dia, it reminds me of u. Awak dan dia lebih kurang sama. Suara awak, gaya awak dgn dia. But everything is over. Saya tataw nak cakap mcm mana lagi that i am hurts badly.

May you rest in peace, dear love. And may Allah bless your soul. Amin.