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Hey ! It's me Syaza. Here is all about my memories with Arwah Amirul. Since we were inlove, then we break then next he's gone forever. My sincere thanks to those who became my follower and keep on reading my post. Im back here again :( I miss you so much Mirul !

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy birthdayy apek.

today 25th December 2011, its your birthday.
just wishing you happy 22th birthday and i love you.
how can i tell you that i miss you badly.
i miss you. :')
i miss your voice, i miss your laugh, i miss the way you stare at me, i miss the whole thing about you.
life isn't easy right.
i've been trough a lot of things, and life changes me.
i'm a grow up person. but somehow i need you by my side.
i need someone to lead me,teach me, and take care of me.
i need you.
thinking about you, makes my heart breaks.
you're too young honey.
it's too hard to think of.
there's too much pain.
when i've a flashback, it make me sad. really sad.
i wish you would be here, with us.
we all love you.
its hard, its really hard.
i did take time to be okay,and now i think i'm okay.
living a new chapter of my life.
as 20 years old person.
but sometimes i've no direction. no one can understand what i've been trough for past year.
you are my best buddy. i miss you. i miss you.
i wish i could see you again.
you take a good care of me. thank you. thank you Amirul.
i love you. happy 22th birthday.
doa kami sentiasa untuk you.
semoga ditempakan dikalangan orang yang beriman. amin.

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